The Center for Police Strategy Management (CPSM) recently concluded Soft Launching of the PNP Stakeholders Information System (PNP SIS)held on December 10  and 14, 2021 (Friday and Tuesday) at the Center for Police Strategy Management (CPSM), Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City  that was attended virtually by a total of 167 participants divided into four groups, which are  comprised of the members of the Police Strategy Management Units (PSMUs) of the different Directorates, Personal Staffs,  National Support Units (NSUs), Police Regional Offices (PROs), and NCRPO Districts.

The PNP SIS was originally conceptualized in 2017, by then, Director CPSM, PBGEN NOEL A BARACEROS. The concept was revisited early this year and was subsequently designed and developed. It was presented and approved during the meetings Para 1(b) and 1(c). The current version can store records of Advisory Group members nationwide, make a system-generated IDs with security features, generate real-time demographics and contribution reports. With the use of PNP SIS, it is expected that it will reduce the redundancy of the current manual reporting method. This technical and technological advancement will make the Advisory Groups nationwide more organized, maximizing their efforts in helping the PNP deliver its mandates for the public service.

The following are the highlights of the Soft Launching of the PNP SIS:

The Opening Ceremony began with a mass singing of the Philippine National Anthem (AVP) followed by an Invocation delivered by PLTCOL MA ANGELA M SALAYA, Chief, IT Alignment Section, OAD, CPSM;

The acknowledgement of participants and welcome remarks were delivered by PBGEN RANDOLF Y BALONGLONG, Director, CPSM;

PLTCOL SALAYA presented the Background, Features, Process Flow of ID Request/Printing, ID Verification, and Further Developments of the PNP SIS;

PLTCOL SALAYA conducted a System Walkthrough and Distribution of Accounts assisted by PSSg Kim Carlo V Malamion, Action PNCO, IT Alignment Section, OAD, CPSM.

The concluded activity will be followed by cascading of trainings and implementation to lower PNP Offices/Units. The next versions of the PNS SIS which includes nationwide TWG and PSMU records will commence its development.