1. Facilitate the process of translating the updated strategy into the agency scorecard;
  2. Collaborate with the PNP units in selecting targets and identifying the strategic initiatives required to achieve targeted performance on the BSC measures;
  3. Assist the technical working group in identifying and selecting strategic measures to gauge and track performance of PNP units/offices;
  4. Design a standard PNP Balanced Scorecard terminology and measurement, and ensure the appropriateness of the BSC infrastructure in consideration of current and historical performance;
  5. Identify and manage key strategic initiatives to ensure proper execution and timely completion of high impact projects;
  6. Coordinate with the Organizational Alignment Division to ensure the alignment and clarity of all scorecard levels in the PNP;
  7. Institutionalize a PNP strategic readiness system through a well-designed Scorecard Reporting System;
  8. Review the scorecards of the different PNP units to ensure that their goals and objectives are aligned with the Chief, PNP scorecard;
  9. Conduct random screening and audit on balanced scorecards;
  10. Cascade Balanced Scorecards at the different levels of the organization
  11. Develop and implement a strategy communication program to educate and enlist the support of the PNP personnel and stakeholders; and
  12. Perform other tasks as directed


  1. Strategy Planning Section (SPS)
  • A .Prepares and develops a complete strategic planning design from creation to communication, execution and sustaining strategic initiatives, in the formulation/review of the P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030; and
  • B. Performs other tasks as directed.

2. Initiatives Management Section (IMS)

  • A. Formulates standard procedures for monitoring the execution of initiatives;
  • B. Monitors that scorecards, after having been developed, reviewed and revised, are complete at the different levels;
  • C. Maintains a database of the Office/Unit’s performance based on their identified initiatives;
  • D. Provides strategic advice and facilitation for the improvement of identified strategic initiatives; and
  • E. Performs other tasks as directed.

3. Strategy Communication Section (SCS)

  • A. Coordinate with DPCR in monitoring the implementation of the  Communication Plan for the P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030;
  • B. Ensures establishment of an effective feedback mechanism system; 
  • C. Collate feedback for inputs in the strategic planning of the P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030;
  • D. Ensures that the important achievements in the execution of the plan including best practices are disseminated; and
  • E. Performs other tasks as directed.