The Center for Police Strategy Management and Police Strategy Management Units conducted its 1st virtual family conference for CY 2021 via Zoom videoconferencing on September 24, 2021 (Friday), 9:00 PM at the Center for Police Strategy Management (CPSM) Sinagtala P.A.T.R.O.L.ers Hall, Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City.

 The meeting was attended by the TCDS/Chairman TWG for PNP P.A.T.R.O.L Plan 2030, CPSM Personnel and PSMU Personnel of APCs, D-Staffs, P-Staffs, NSUs and PROs.

The following were the highlights of the said activity:

PCPT FULGENCIO CAÑON JR, CHS, led the invocation.

PCOL VICTOR V AREVALO, DD, CPSM delivered welcome remarks and acknowledged the participants.

PBGEN RANDOLF Y BALONGLONG, D, CPSM  delivered updates on the Philippine National Police Performance Governance Journey.

PCOL ANTONIO P MARALLAG JR, CRS PRO1, PCOL  LOPE M MANLAPAS, OIC, CRS PRO 6, and PCOL ADEN T LAGRADANTE, CRS PRO 2 shared their experiences and lessons learned on their Institutionalization Journey.

PCOL ERCY NANETTE P MADRIAGA, C, OAD, CPSM presented the updates on the functionality of strategy partners, advisory group contributions and 2022 election guidelines, summits, 2021 activities and the PNP Stakeholder Information System (PNP SIS).

PLTCOL LEILANI A MAURE, OIC, SMD, CPSM presented the updates on PNP Scorecard (Strategy Refresh); communications plan; submission of unit scorecards, measures and initiative profiles; and 2021 SMD activities;

PLTCOL JOEL V CABURNAY, OIC, SRD, CPSM presented the strategy review issues and concerns, schedule of strategy review for 2021, CORD updated list, update on PEP and IEP of lower units, preparation for institutionalization, and 2021 SRD activities.

PLTCOL ROSE MARIE D EHAL, OIC, ARMD, CPSM presented the invitation for CPSM vacant positions, AIM scholarship program, and 2021 ARMD activities.

PCOL CARLITO M GACES, CS, CPSM facilitated the open forum. Salient point were the NAGPTD Resolution 2021-002, AIM scholarship program, ISO Certifications in relation to PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030, possible training to new members of PSMU members, and guidelines for Advisory Groups members who will run for election.

PBGEN RANDOLF Y BALONGLONG, D, CPSM gave a synopsis of the activities and introduction to the guest on honor and speaker.

PLTGEN DIONARDO B CARLOS, TCDS/C, TWG for P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 delivered his speech encouraging the attendees to pursue their efforts towards the lasting transformation program of the PNP.

The activity ensures that transformation will be attained at the macro-level by making every PNP personnel to be the ultimate governance asset and to establish that all PNP units and offices are strengthened to become the ultimate performance delivery units.

As way forward, the CPSM and PSMU move for the approval of the crafted Charter Statement and Scorecard through conduct of Strategy Refresh, the attainment of broader recognition (Palladium), the formal activation for PSMUs, the continuous stakeholder engagement, the sustained implementation of strategic initiatives,  and the continuous implementation of Institutionalization Evaluation Process (IEP) for all PNP Offices/Units (PROs and NSUs).