• Administrative and Resource Management Division (ARMD). This division isresponsible for the development and implementation of a management system for human resource and logistics. It is composed of three sections: (1) Personnel and Training Section; (2) Budget and Finance Section; and (3) Logistics Section. The Composition and Organizational Structure of the ARMD is shown in Figure 2.7.
  1. Chief, ARMD. The Chief, ARMD exercises administrative and operational supervision over all ARMD personnel and other resources as well as its operational and administrative procedures to ensure the accomplishment of the Division’s functions, thereby, contributing to the attainment of CPSM’s goals and objectives.
  2. Personnel and Training Section. The functions of the Personnel / Training Section are as follows:
  1. Develops and maintains a Training Education and Information System which may include but not limited to a database of Education/Eligibility and Training profile of all personnel;
  2. Prepares program and schedule for mandatory and specialized schooling/training of personnel and facilitate compliance of such required training. 
  3. Prepares and manages the career development program for all personnel;
  4. Facilitates the conduct of  in-house training and other competency enhancement training for the personnel of CPSM and other PNP Strategy Management Units (SMUs);
  5. Processes applications for Leaves;
  6. Attends to various personnel transactions and concerns such as recruitment, promotion, travel, and clearances;
  7. Maintain records of all personnel; and
  8. Perform other tasks as directed.
Figure 2.7 The Composition and Organizational Structure of ARMD
  1. Budget and Finance Section. The functions of the Budget and Finance Section are as follows:
  1. Formulates internal fiscal guidelines and policies;
    1. Engages in the strategic planning activities in order to plan, coordinate and determine the financial requirements of the Office;
    1. Formulates resource mobilization plan and financial support proposals to prospect donors;
    1. Assists the Logistics Section in the development of Program of Expenditures (POE), Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP), and Annual Procurement Plan (APP);
    1. Prepares POE for special projects and activities funded through the Agency Reserved Fund (ARF) and Donated Funds;
    1. Makes technical analysis, recommendations and consult with Division Chiefs, CPSM for the appropriate revisions of Financial Plan (POE, PPMP & APP);
    1. Submits the Financial Plan for the ensuing period to director, CPSM for his approval;
    1. Submits approved Financial Plan (PPMP & APP) to DC and DPL for incorporation to the PNP AOPB;
    1. Submits application for reimbursement and cash advances to FS and DC in relation to Notice of Fund Availability (NFA);
    1. Releases donated funds for special projects in a form of cash advances applied by concerned project management team leader during project implementation and travels;
    1. Liaises with DC, FS and donor agencies;
    1. Submits Financial Reports on donated funds to FS, DC and concerned donor agency;
    1. Advises the Division Chiefs, CS and Deputy Director, Director, CPSM on matters pertaining to budget and fiscal matters;
    1. Identifies problems and deficiencies and propose revisions on resource management, policies and procedures; and
    1. Monitors and conducts performance evaluation of all Finance Section personnel.

d.         Logistics Section. The functions of the Logistics Section are as follows:

  1. Provides logistical management services such as purchasing, inventory and distribution of supplies and equipment;
  2. Facilitates the issuance and allocation of equipment and other logistical requirements of the CPSM;
  3. Ensures the availability, serviceability and maintenance of all equipment (office supplies, vehicles, computers, including the CPSM office);
  4. Regularly conducts evaluation and testing of available equipment;
  5. Initiates outsourcing of logistical resources and manages the same; and
  6. Performs other tasks as directed.