The Virtual Police Leadership and Good Governance Lecture Series for CY 2022 entitled “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” was conducted on March 31, 2022 (Thursday) from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NNat the CPSM Sinagtala P.A.T.R.O.L.ers Hall (Host Venue), Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City.

The following are the highlights of the said activity:

PCPT ALYN M SABAS, CHS led the invocation;

The welcome remarks and acknowledgment of participants were delivered by PBGEN RANDOLF Y BALONGLONG, Director, CPSM;

There were 2,753+ participants registered via Google form; 1,000+ participants via Zoom platform; Facebook live have 4,300+ reach; 2,400+ views; 2,068 engagements; 1,000+ reactions; 218 comments; and 78 shares;

PSSg Vanessa Kate M Morada, Action PNCO, SRD acted as the webinar host and moderator during the open forum;

MRS. MARGARITA P. JUICO, Member, NAGPTD conducted a lecture on the topic “Women in the Civil Society.” She shared her experiences, triumphs, and challenges as the former Chairperson of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. She mentioned that the task of providing ease and comfort to “the least of our brethren” lies in everyone who has a little more than they have.  She added that the vineyard is huge, but the laborers are few; and however small dent we make in improving the lives of the multitude knocking at our doors, the little ripples will eventually make a tsunami of goodwill;

HON. SANDRA SANCHEZ-MONTANO, Member, NAGPTD conducted a lecture on the topic “We Make Change Work for Women.” She shared her journey towards servant leadership as the Chairperson, Philippine Commission of Women (PCW). She presented her civic works in the Cheers Foundation, Go Negosyo and PCW. She encouraged the women to audit themselves, build collaboration, expand their network, contribute to the development, enable the environment, and look forward for change. She also thanked everyone for supporting the advocacy of the Commission;”

HON. ZENONIDA F. BROSAS, Member, NAGPTD conducted a lecture on the topic “Women in the Strategic Policing.” She shared her experiences as a former Commissioner of the NAPOLCOM. She presented existing policies that empowers the women working in the uniformed service. In addition, she presented statistics showing lower cases and lawsuits of female officers, and that they are perceived by the community as being honest and compassionate. She mentioned that women officers have significant role in the strategic policing, and that the law enforcement is changing daily, so as the role of female officers. She encouraged female officers not to underestimate themselves and don’t hold back, have the self-worth and confidence of what they are capable of doing;

ATTY. LESLEY Y CORDERO, Member, NAGPTD conducted a lecture on the topic “Women in the Disaster Management.” She shared the challenges she hurdled as the former Undersecretary, Office of the President and as current Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist, World Bank. She mentioned her important roles in the Zamboanga Siege, Typhoon Yolanda, Bohol Earthquake, Marawi Rehabilitation, ASEAN Meetings, Myanmar Floods and Landslides, and Cyclone in Fiji. She encouraged the women to build a culture of women, celebrate and share stories of women taking charge and redefining their contributions in the field of disaster risk management;

Plaques of Appreciation and Tokens were given to the lecturers by PBGEN RANDOLF Y BALONGLONG, D, CPSM. He was assisted by PCOL VICTOR V AREVALO, DD, CPSM and PCOL ERCY NANETTE P MADRIAGA, Acting Chief of Staff and Legal Officer, CPSM; and

PBGEN RANDOLF Y BALONGLONG delivered the message of PGEN DIONARDO B CARLOS,CPNP and C, TWG for PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030. He expressed his sincerest gratitude and warmest congratulations to the lecturers for sharing their valuable time to give a very educational and insightful lecture. He mentioned that the organization is also championing not only gender equality but also gender equity where inclusive growth is highly encouraged for both male and female regardless of their sexual and gender orientation. He added that there are existing policies that ensure equal opportunities for recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, training, and career development.

The concluded activity ensured that gender sensitivity and equality is attained at the macro-level.  As way forward, the CPSM and NAGPTD will discuss possible projects and activities that will further promote empowerment of women in the uniformed service.