The Technical Working Group (TWG) for PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 and National Advisory Group for Police Transformation and Development (NAGPTD)conducted its 2nd regular meeting for CY 2021 via Zoom videoconferencing on November 18, 2021 (Thursday), 9:00 AM at the Center for Police Strategy Management (CPSM) Sinagtala P.A.T.R.O.L.ers Hall, Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City.

The meeting was presided over by PBGEN NOEL A BARACEROS (Ret), Chairperson, NAGPTD, and by PBGEN VALERIANO T DE LEON, TADO/Vice Chaiperson, TWG for the PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030. It was was attended by 29 TWG members and representatives, 3 NAGPTD members and 11 CPSM personnel thus, having a quorum for the said meeting.

The following were the highlights of the said activity:

PLTCOL MA ANGELA M SALAYA presented the official banner, overview, format, timeline, participants, and program of the upcoming summit. She also presented the highlights of previous summits. Futher, she presented the speakers, floor plan, stage setup, workshop groupings, objectives, expected output, guidelines, process flow of activities and sample outputs;

PBGEN BARACEROS (Ret) suggested to secure soft copies speakers’ presentations to serve as back up file just in case they will be disconnected virtually;

PBGEN DE LEON added to secure speakers’ and guest of honor’s introductions ahead of time and make it brief and concise;

PCOL VICTOR V AREVALO suggested that it would be beneficial if facilitators and subject matter expects will have prior meetings in order to consolidated issues and concerns coming from lower units;

COMM. ZENONIDA F. BROSAS suggested to include those in Municipal and City Advisory Groups because it would be good to hear reports directly from lower units, and this will give them due recognition and motivation; and

MRS. MARGARITA P. JUICO suggested to have a measurement tool regarding status of the relationship between the PNP Offices/Units and Advisory Groups.